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iGraal is the leader in cashback in France, 2nd largest market player in Germany, which continues to expand following the acquisition by the M6 group at the end of 2016.

iGraal has chosen to entrust its admin subjects to Kavalry. Find out how we save them time on a daily basis:

  • Team life:
    • Weekly breakfast
    • Snacking
    • Organization of recurring internal events
    • Team building (supported by service providers)
  • Office life :
    • Recurring orders
    • Supplies and materials

Testimony of Matthias Lesterlin - General Manager :

What priorities did you set in Kavalry at the beginning of the mission? Have these priorities been addressed?

We had several priorities when we started working together in July 2018:  

  • Office management: supply orders, service provider management (with budget optimization)
  • Office life / team building: help with the organisation of parties, breakfasts, team buildings
  • Operational part (to help me as DG): expense reports

All priorities were addressed and Kavalry adapted to all our specificities. 

Are there any time-saving processes in place? 

More than processes, they are rather precise missions that have saved me time and saved the staff delegates time

What are the impacts of Kavalry on you?

Saving time and increasing employee satisfaction thanks to the reactivity and exchanges between Kavalry and the team. 

Kavalry in 3 words for you?

Adaptability, support, startup 

Would you recommend Kavalry?

Yes, absolutely, I do it naturally when the opportunity arises.