The K-Movement, Kavalry's in-house training

The K-movement is our internal school. It brings together our methods for the missions we carry out, our processes for the tools, our tips for increasing productivity and our training programme. The K-movement is enriched and updated every day. An internal newsletter allows our team at Kavalier.e.s to keep up to date with new HR legislation, updates on the software we use and the week's tips to gain in productivity.

The K-Movement: initial and continuing education

Why is our team of Kavaliers so productive?

At Kavalry, new Kavalry riders are trained for 1 month upon arrival. Our training program combines both theory and practice with exercises in the form of case studies and slots in pairs with an experienced Kavalier.

Our Kavaliers learn methods by type of mission in order to be as productive as possible. For example, for a recovery mission, we have specific recovery plans in order to be as efficient as possible. The objective is to be able to carry out a maximum of tasks with well established processes.

In addition, our team is learning to master the software most used by the best startups. In their first month, no less than 50 tools are taught to newcomers.

You have understood it, the Kavalry team offers you expertise on financial and HR matters thanks to the training acquired by each Kavalier. Organization and processes are the heart of the K-Movement.

When does the training stop?

Never! At Kavalry, we challenge ourselves every day to improve.

We recruit people who are in line with the values that we disseminate: knowledge sharing, mutual aid and the desire to learn continuously.

For this, every week we organize workshops with concrete cases where we feel we can be even more effective, so that we can find solutions to save time.

Two to three times a month, we bring in service providers to complete the training of all our Kavaliers.

Our support team is on the lookout for new tools on the market. After having tested them, we reference the best software in order to master them when we have to use them with new customers or install them at our customers' premises according to their needs.

It is within this framework that our team of Kavaliers renews and improves their skills, in order to be efficient for all your administrative tasks.

The benefits of the K-Movement for you:

Simple, quick and efficient start-up

You set the scope of the missions, you give us the deadlines, and we take care of the rest.

We have adopted an asynchronous operation to be able to work faster and avoid unnecessary round trips. We don't have to keep asking you to tell us where to start.

Launch is immediate at Kavalry's. Call us, and the red jackets will arrive at your house the next day!

Thanks to our experience, we encounter similar situations with our clients and we therefore know how to effectively manage the priorities we have identified.

For the follow-up, we provide you with a real time reporting with your To do List.

At the end of the first month, we debrief with you, in order to propose areas for improvement in your processes. Generally, we take the opportunity to install tools and make sure that your growth is not slowed down by your admin.

We are operational without interruption

When you call on Kavalry, you have a Kavalier referent, who will be your privileged interlocutor, and our entire team working on your subjects throughout the year without interruption. Each one is able to intervene on your premises, without any adaptation phase or specific training for you.

For this, during our first interventions, a member of our support team is present. The objective is twofold:

  • Document your processes ;
  • Think about the automation of certain actions and propose them to you at the end of the first month of intervention.

Finally, we have developed an alert system to deal with our clients' emergencies. Even if the Kavalier is not working for you, we are reactive and can provide you with a very quick response.

You benefit from the experience of the entire Kavalry team.

In addition to being trained throughout the year with our workshops and the intervention of service providers, our Kavaliers work on dozens of different missions every month.

This allows them to better understand the new cases they might be confronted with and to share them with other team members.

We analyze all these cases we encounter and share our experiences with the team.

This is how we have developed expertise in administrative and financial missions (collection, invoicing, invoice collection, supplier payments), human resources and office life missions.

You benefit from the experiences of a team, not just one person.

So, what are you waiting for to save time and have a more productive administrative management?